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If you plan only to use Meli Imako products you do not need to read the rest, you can use Meli Imako products  any way you wish without reselling. If you plan to resell Meli Imako products please read on;

Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change without any prior notice.

  1.  None of Meli Imako products can be given as freebie under any condition other than following;
  2. Conditions of giving my items in HUNTS , as GROUP GIFTS or similar purposes:
    • You must create your own textures (it can not be given away with my textures).
    • It can not have uv map and shadow map in it.
    • It can only be given with “copy” permission.
    • It must have purpose of promoting of your business or group.
  3. None of Meli Imako marketing materials ( advertisement pictures, logos, trademarks, signs, etc.) can be used under any condition without a prior consent.
  4. Meli Imako items can not be sold as fashion kit or builder’s kit (the way It is being sold) under any condition on any platform .
  5. You can not sell them with copy and transfer permission both clicked at the same time
  6. The products being sold by a reseller must be end products. It should not enable or encourage buyers to re-create them. That involves not giving away UV maps, shadow maps, sculpt maps or any other materials separately. This rule excludes alpha maps.
  7. Any material provided (textures, maps, uv etc.)  CAN BE USED for creating your own textures, Meli Imako textures and maps can not be SOLD separately “as is” or “applied” other than using in mix and match as stated in Term 13.
  8. Meli Imako products can not be sold with provided textures applied under any condition other than mix and match rule as stated in Item 13.  Minor tweaks to bend around this rule are not accepted (such as changing the color: it should not resemble the original). 
  9. The selling price can not be any less then 50L$
  10. Meli Imako products can be sold in your creations as they are, providing: 
    • If the product is dress or avatar accessory Term 13 Mix and Match rule applies
    • For products other than dress or avatar accessory (furniture etc):
      • Product(s) can not be full perm (Copy and Transfer permissions can not be thicked at the same time)
      • Price can not be any less than total current selling price
  11. One item can only be licensed to one avatar. Buying one item and transferring it to your alt avatars or colleagues is not allowed.
  12. Rights are reserved to refuse to sell license for Meli Imako producst to individuals when/if necessary. 
  13. Mix and Match Rule: You can use Meli Imako outfits (with original textures applied) for mixing and matching providing:
    • Overall price can not be less than the outfit(s) total current selling price. For example; if you used 3 of Meli Imako items which are 250 $L each, total outfit can not be any less than 750 L$ 
    • Meli Imako item(s)  used in mix and match can not be full perm 
    • Meli Imako item(s) used in mix and match can not be the main product but addition to your product
    • You can not include any texture files in the box or content other than alpha maps (they must be final product)
  14. Meli Free Monthly gifts:
    • Monthly gifts can not be given free under any circumstances
    • You must apply your own textures to be able to sell Meli Free Monthly Gifts
    • Min price must be 50L$
  15. Selling HAIR and Accessories :
    • You cannot sell with copy and transfer both selected at the same time
    • You cannot sell any less than its original price
    • You cannot include any texture files in your sale box or folder
    • You can include hair and accessories “as is” in your creations (outfit etc.) and sell
    • You can change color of hair & accessories  and sell
    • You can add features and sell “as is” (HUD, scripts etc.)
    • You can add props or pieces and sell “as is” (hair bands, glitters etc.)
    • Other than stated above you cannot sell Meli Imako hair(s) and accessories “as is”


::Can I sell your items in Second Life as it is ?
– Dresses and avatar accessories can be sold provoding complying with Term 12 Mix and Match Rule
– Items other than dress or avatar accessories can be sold “as is” providing complying with Term 9

::Can I sell your items as full perm?
Yes, providing above terms and conditions apply (making the next owner is aware of these ToS) and the price can’t be less then its current selling price

::Can I sell your items on Marketplace?
Yes providing above conditions.

:: Can I include your items in my creations as full perm and sell them in Second Life
Yes you can providing you make your own textures, otherwise Term 9 applies.

::can I sell the sculpted map itself  in SL?

No, sculpt maps can’t be sold or given away under any conditions.


:: If I buy your source files can I upload them to other grids and use or sell them there?

Yes you can. Please note than my terms and conditions for Second Life are valid for other grids too. The terms and conditions are also valid for the source files.


:: Can you define “You can not sell it as is (stand alone)?

You can not sell it as it is or stand alone means you need to re-texture my creations or include them in your creations to be able to sell them. For example you can sell my bow creation in your dress however you can not sell only the bow with the textures I provide (you need to create your own texture to sell the bow). Please note minor tweaks such as changing color is not accepted. If you are selling only the bow with your own textures (as an example) please make sure the next owner is aware of my ToS otherwise all the copies you sold might be deleted by Linden Lab.


:: If you don’t want us to sell textures why do you include full perm textures in your packages?

Textures are included to be USED not to be SOLD.
Textures can be used  to add details (logos, names, designs etc.) or to tweak for personal use.
Textures can be used as visual guide while creating textures, it can be used as a tool for texture making
Textures can be used to learn texturing
Textures are modify because : The owners can download them to their hard disk
Textures are copy because: In case something goes wrong (such as deleting the original textures)
Textures are transferable because: Some people get other people to tweak their textures. So this enables owners to transfer textures back and forward. (Full perm is a Second Life term used for ability to modify, copy and transfer).

:: I See others violating your Terms and Services, why do you only warn me?

Others violating my Terms and Conditions does not mean they can. It means I am not aware of them yet.
Others violating my Terms and Conditions does not give you a license to do it (It is not wise too as this would lead to getting your IP banned which means you cant login SL with any account). Instead, if you see any one violating the Terms and Conditions please report it.


:: Are your Terms and Conditions for HUNTS also valid for group gifts?


:: Can I transfer your item which I purchased to my alt avatar to work on with my alt avatar.

No, it is not allowed, you must purchase it with your alt avatar separately to obtain a legal copy.

:: Can I transfer your item I purchased to the person who work for me, or to my wife so that they can work on it?

No, it is not allowed. One item can be licensed to only one avatar. Any third party must purchase the item to obtain legal copy.

:: Can I use your items “as is” in my movies or photos?

:: Can I add prints (such as logo or letters) to your textures and sell ?
No, it is not allowed to add only prints (letters, logos etc.) to my textures and sell them. Texture work must be belong to you completely to be able to sell it.
:: Can I use your Shadow Maps and UV maps while creating my textures?
Yes, you can use any elements that come in the box to create your own textures  as long as your final texture doesn’t resemble the original.


For anything  else that is not clear please comment here.

44 Responses so far.

  1. Attila Lacourte says:

    I am new to the building business and I wanted to buy some of your products with full permission. Does it mean that if I build a house and use your products and rezzer and put some other textures on it, as my products. Let’s say my house? Wasn'[t sure because it said …..It can only be given away with your creations. You can not sell it as a stand alone item in Marketplace or in SL.
    I dont’ want to sell is as a stand alone but part of the building as a rezzer

  2. Cilin says:

    Hi Meli
    i really like your creations and bought from you but i didn’t use any thing of what i bought yet, i want to make full avatar (skin, shape, eyes, clothes, shoe) is it ok if i put something from your creations in it?it will be copy only permission

  3. Jackie says:

    Hi Meli,

    A friend pointed me to your listings and there are several items I am interested in.

    To promote my store, I participate in hunts and give out group gifts on occasion. Can we give out your items as hunt/group gifts as long as they are not permanent freebies? I do not plan on selling anything full perm.


  4. boyd says:

    hi Meli!
    So many nice things ! Thank you for making such cool things for 2nd life! I am confused though, you sell full perm, but then ask not to sell on SLM… do you want small merchants to buy these or not ? Full perm usually means, free to do as you wish , just don’t sell/give full perm. You seem to have changed the meaning of “full perm”. And please explain this term…. stand alone.
    thank you !

    • Meli Imako says:

      Hi Body,
      Full perm means I checked modify, copy and transfer. You can modify, copy and transfer my items under my terms and conditions. Also there is another check box -User licensed – which is also ticked. My terms and conditions are not restricting at all (probably one of the most helpful one around there). You can not sell it as it is (stand alone)is a standard condition for any 3d model selling website. It means you need to re-texture them before selling or include them in your creations(putting your own effort o it)(Providing next owner is aware of my terms and conditions if you include my items in your creations). If you sold it exactly as you bought from me, Marketplace would be full of the same items. I hope this is clear, let me know if you have more questions

  5. JIllian Fairey says:

    Hi Meli,

    Just wanted some clarification on your user license. If I add animations to a chair and sell it mod only, is that allowed? And can I then sell it on the Marketplace?

    Jillian Fairey

  6. Candy says:


    If I sell your items in Second Life (not on the marketplace) may I sell them for less than your listed price? I’m a bit confused on the pricing for inworld products. Thank you!

  7. Keira says:

    Hi Meli,

    I came across your products and I love the work you do. I was curious about your license for items you list as already textured. Would someone still have to retexture these to sell them by themselves? For example, if I wanted to sell a pair of your shoes as a finished product, but all by themselves.. would I need to retexture them?

  8. Aistte says:

    Hi Meli,
    I was curious about some things and have a couple of questions.
    1. Could you please define in more detail what would you consider “minor tweaks” to the texture? Since you include full textures with your products, naturally people would be using them as a base. For example, if I would be using your desaturated texture as a base for shadows and folds, and then add colors and patterns (like leather) on top. Would that be considered minor tweaks and thus in violation of your ToS? Where is the line when the texture becomes “your own”?
    2. Do your requirements also apply for alpha textures? I would want to include alpha textures with my products even if their not for reselling, so a customer could easily combine my alpha layer for a dress with let’s say alpha layer for boots that he bought from another vendor. Can I include your alpha textures like that? And if I can what permissions should I set for them?

    • Meli Imako says:

      Answer to your first question:
      – You can use details in my textures as base (such as folds, wrinkles etc.)
      – The final pattern can not be same as mine
      – Changing only color on shadow mapped version is considered as minor tweak and not allowed
      – General guide is that the designers put a genuine effort to create something on their own.

      Answer to your second question:
      – You can use my alpha maps as you wish. My texture rules don’t apply to alpha maps. You can give them away as you receive.

      • lorene says:

        hi i bought one of your mesh dress and going to sell it in my store but a friend as if i could change the color but leave the dress as is just want a different color on it…. just so it more clean changing just the color of the outfit is not allow at all ?

  9. Stephen says:

    Really excellent work you do. Please consider me an admirer. I want to be very careful about complying with your TOS. Please confirm or correct my understanding of the following:

    #6 in your TOS says:
    “My items can not be sold *with* my textures under any condition…”

    *With*, meaning not as seperate files in a retail box, *with* meaning not within the individual garment, or both?

    I interpret “under any condition” to mean both: that I can make a non-fullperm garment for resale ONLY with my own fabric texture applied to your mesh, and none of your seperate files would be in the box I sell. Correct?

    Also in #6, it says: “…UV maps, shadow maps, and sculpt maps are also considered my textures”.

    This means the shadow map is treated, as a TOS legal statement, in the exactly the same way as a fabric texture. They are defined identically.

    Therefore, I would also need to draw an original shadow map — with a significant and copyrightable visual difference from yours — to put my original fabric texture on.

    I would NOT, for example, be able to merge my texture and your shadow map in Photoshop and remain TOS compliant. BOTH would need to be my originals. Is that also correct?

    • Meli Imako says:

      Hi Stephen, Thank you,
      1- Correct, my textures can not be sold applied on a garment or separately. They can not also be included in your sale box/folder.
      2- No, this rule is only for not including shadow map or uv map in your sale box/folder. You can use shadow map or uv map as you wish to derive your own textures (such as merging shadow map with your texture in Photoshop)

  10. Envy says:

    So I buy one of your ‘Full Perm’ items & retexture it, set it to ‘Copy’ or no perm rights. I am allowed to sell it on my mp & in-world store correct & my selling price can’t be 25% lower?

    Also, am I allowed to set the selling price around L$100 & more L$ correct as well??

    • Meli Imako says:

      There is no maximum price limit. Let’s say you purchased an item from me for 200L$, you can’t sell it any less than 50L$, you can sell it for any price higher than 50L$ (100, 200, 1000 …)

  11. Medussa says:

    So, i can use any of this templates, put my own made textures , set to only copy perms , and give to my clients as a group gift for to promote my store group?
    as you say in here:

    Conditions of giving my items in HUNTS , as GROUP GIFTS or similar purposes:
    You must create your own textures (it can not be given away with my textures).
    It can not have uv map and shadow map in it.
    It can only be given with “copy” permission.
    It must have purpose of promoting of your business or group.

    and with similar purposes you mean also, Midnight Mania , lucky chairs etc?

    • Meli Imako says:

      Hi Medussa,
      Yes, you can as you described. In addition to that you can only give maximum two of my items at a time as group gift.

      • Medussa says:

        But what about Midnigth Mania and Lucky Chairs? can i? i mean a MM and a Chair only for my group members

        • Meli Imako says:

          Yes, as long as it complies with Rule 2:
          Conditions of giving my items in HUNTS , as GROUP GIFTS or similar purposes:

          You must create your own textures (it can not be given away with my textures).
          It can not have uv map and shadow map in it.
          It can only be given with “copy” permission.
          It must have purpose of promoting of your business or group.

          Rule 2 is valid for any similar promotional purpose.

  12. angelpatty says:

    I’m reopening my Marketplace store (I make and sell women’s avatar shapes) and would like to include your hair in bundles (avatar + skln + hair) or sell it separately as an accessory to my shapes.

    What must I do? Must I alter the hair with my own textures, or may I use the textures IN the hair as long as I make the hair no modify and no transfer and distribute NO textures as separate files (same for UV maps and shadow maps)

    I understand your hair must sell for its original price.

  13. Trinitydawn says:

    I am confused in the pricing.
    You state in a reply to someone,
    There is no maximum price limit. Let’s say you purchased an item from me for 200L$, you can’t sell it any less than 50L$, you can sell it for any price higher than 50L$ (100, 200, 1000 …)”

    So if your price is 250L$ I may retexture with my own texture and resale for no less than 63L$?
    200L$ resells for no less than 50L$
    149L$ resells for no less than 38L$

    Is this correct?

  14. Angel Danamaith says:

    My question is on the clothes. Would love to try my hand at the clothing and I understand the TOS as stated above, however my question is, what about demo’s of the mesh clothing. Since we are not allowed to give items out for free is there a rule and making an item a demo and giving that for free?

  15. Angelique says:

    Hi Meli,

    Can the full perm template be used across worlds (i.e. other platforms besides SL)?


  16. Angelique says:

    what are the rules governing use in other worlds – i.e. InWorldz, etc.?

  17. J2 Morris says:

    Hi Meli, are we allowed to add a prim to change creator on a template with our own texture & no transfer no mod setting applied, was just wondering if customers would be messeging You then with any problems if we don’t .
    thank You, your work is amazing 🙂

  18. sahara says:

    Hello, I would like some clarification on #3…It can not have uv map and shadow map in it.

    I use the shadow map as a guide to make my own texture with wrinkles and shading. Does this mean I am not allowed to use the map period or would I need to create completely new wrinkles and shading? And how would that work if I wanted it to be more realistic and my own personal shading for shadows were in some of the same places you have placed. Wouldn’t this not be considered tweaking?

  19. Jennifershelby says:

    I would like to use your products stand alone but modified into a new creation. I was wondering can I use your supplied textures in that configuration?

    Example I would add a meter, lights, and scripts to a item like the backpack you sell.

    • Meli Imako says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      Yes, You can as you described providing my product is not the main product you are selling or you are adding new functions to it (e.g. scripting; like you can add animations and scripts to my bed furniture and sell it with the same textures). Please also make sure it complies with other Terms such as price rule and not including source maps.

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