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New year is promising a lot of new exciting projects. We predict that Linden Lab will integrate a lot of Sansar’s great features into Second Life. Linden Lab has already announced that they are going to invest millions dollars into Second Life which is much needed and great news. We are particularly excited about Animesh project which we are currently testing and very happy about the results, we can’t wait to use it to make a lot of things we already planned. In our studio we mainly focus on three things, quality in every aspect (not just product), a solid good working system and consistency, we will continue improving these and bring the bar as high as possible. We will continue staying people and community oriented (even though it is hard not to loose track while trying to balance trade and humanistic rules from time to time but we will do our best to achieve it). We know the prices changes were erratic and inconsistent many times, we now have a system for defining prices with co-factors of many things and hopefully it will be more consistent and reasonable for both parties. Of course in all of these, the most important element is you; most of you put a lot of trust in us, embrace Meli Imako as if your own, watch our back, inspire us, encourage us, direct us. We don’t see you as just customers who pays to buy our things, you are much more than that to us and we appreciate each one of you, we will work hard to make each one of you happy. To show our appreciation here is a little gift box with a little gift in the content.Let me take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Meli-Imako-Group-Gift-Happy-New-Year-2018/13641805

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