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:: What is Mesh?

Mesh is simply means creating 3D items in other 3D editing softwares (such as Maya and Blender) and uploading them to Second Life

:: How can I make a Mesh item to appear my name as creator?

Mesh system doesn’t work like sculpted items. With mesh system there is no sculpted maps any more. You buy models directly. There are two ways to make items to show your name as creator

1- Uploading source files (.dae) files to Second Life yourself. You can buy dae files here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/185213?id=185213

2- Creating an invisible prim and linking it to mesh item as root prim (I allow that, I am not sure if all creators do)

:: What is UV Map and how can I use it?

UV is a term among 3d world means unwrapped vertices (a vertice is an intersecting point on a 3d model). UV is simple guide image for helping to create textures for a particular item. You don’t have to do any thing with it. They are just there to make your texturing job easier.

:: What are faces?

With mesh system you can create different faces on the same object. Think it like a simple prim box which has 6 faces. Creators can do the same thing on any item they create in a 3d editing software (up to 8 faces). That means each face can have their own texture attributes (map, shine, repeat, offset etc). To edit a face; on edit window select “Select face” then touch on the face you want to edit. Most creators would tell you what parts are different faces (for example; bow and dress are different faces means even though they are one object you can change texture attributes for bow and dress separately)

:: What is rigged mesh cloth?

Rigged clothes means clothes skinned to avatar bones. That allow dresses move along the body joints as body moves up to a certain degree.

:: How can I resize rigged mesh cloth?

Rigged mesh clothes can not be resized in Second Life. That is why creators create different sizes. Despite that creators provide different sizes you still have to adjust your shape slightly for clothes to fit right.

:: Rigged mesh clothes appear tiny?

View size of any rigged  mesh cloth doesn’t matter. Once you wear it it will always be the same size as created before uploading. So resizing them wont change the actual size. In general when you upload mesh object they will appear tiny. Even though size doesn’t matter for rigged mesh items, you can resize other mesh items as you do normally.

:: How can I transfer your mesh items to other grids?

You need to upload dae files manually to other grids. You can purchase my dae files on Here . I add couple of my items dae files to there every week. I also post them on my website (here) as I add them.

:: What is normals map?

Normals map are used to give extra details without adding extra geometry (less lag as a consequence). You can add fine details like embroideries and folds with normals map. You can read how you can add more details using normals map in Photosho here. Normals map goes to bumpiness under texture tab on edit window.

:: What is specular map?

Specular map is used to give different amount of  reflection and glossiness to different parts of a model. White represents fully reflective and fully glossy, black represents completely mat with no reflection. Between white and black color (gray shades) represents the amount of the reflection and gloss. For example chrome chair legs would be full reflective (white) while leather parts might have slight reflection (close to black grays). Specular map  goes to “Shininess” under “Texture” tab on edit window.

::If you have more questions about mesh please let me know, I d be happy to answer them.

:: What is Shadow Map, how can I use it?

Shadow map is occlusion map which can be used to add dept to your texture. Simple way of using it is to add it to a layer on top of your texture (in Photoshop or similar) and set its blend mode to multiply (you can adjust multiply amount according to your desire)

20 Responses so far.

  1. Rosie Scott says:

    Hi Meli!

    How do I re-texture a piece of mesh clothing from one of your kits? for example: I want to change the colour/fabric of the sarong.

    Thanks for your time 🙂

    • Meli Imako says:

      Hi Rosie, you can download the textures provided to your computer and edit them as you like in any image editing software such as Photoshop, and upload them again to SL. How to create textures in Photoshop is a long subject and beyond the scope of this space, however, you can find many tutorials dedicated to it on youtube. Technically any 3d texturing tutorial would work with texturing my items.

  2. Pierg Cukor says:

    Hello. I have bought a set of your miniskirt mesh kit, and I have retextured so they are completely different from your own models. I wanted to attach a bukle to the belt, and I have made a mesh buckle using several pieces found in world.
    But when I attach the buckle to the miniskirt, the buckle goes awry, and the result is completely ruined.
    If i attach the skirt with the buckle to the stomach attach point, the result is slightly better, but the buckle moves independently when the avatar changes shape. Is there a way to overcome this? If I buy your belt kit, will I be able to make a decently looking miniskirt WITH belt buckled?
    Thanks in advance, kind regards, and compliment for your marvellous work!

    • Meli Imako says:

      Hi Pierg, Belt type of attachments has to be attached to either torso or hip (solely), if it is in between it will move different than the under garment. You can imagine garments exactly as avatar bodies, so if something will move fine with the body it will move fine with the garment as well (at least technically it should)

  3. Chels says:

    Hi Meli, I recently saw you’re selling ugg boots and so I liked them, but the most I’ve seen and try inworld doesnt fit my avatar legs cause they’re very muscled.
    In the pack you have at Market Place it says that includes a rigged and non rigged pair, so my question is if I can make them bigger with a resizing script or manually editing, without distorting them so they will fit my avatar leg muscles. Thank you 🙂

  4. Diana says:

    hii Melii, i have seen ur all ur work, and it looks so professional, so i wanted to ask u do u give mesh lessons?!! i would love to have mesh lessons , i can pay u on lindens, please contact me at SL if u do
    diana charlesowrth

  5. Arriane says:

    Hiya Meli,

    I really like a dress you have on marketplace, however there is a part that I would like to remove. I know this isn’t possible at the moment. Will you sell the mesh source files? or do you offer a service to remove a part of a mesh?

    Thankyou for the amazing work!!

  6. CelineDeLionCourt says:

    Hi Meli, I was wondering do you still have to wear the alpha layer with fit mesh? And if so what makes that different from rigid mesh?

    • Meli Imako says:

      Hi Celine,
      Yes you still have to wear alpha maps. Fitted Mesh contrary to its name doesn’t mean clothes will fit avatar body. For this to happen the clothes must have collision detection abilities which is called dynamic clothing. That is beyond SL capabilities at the moment maybe in the near future they will add this feature. Fitted mesh means the mesh which responds to shape edit sliders similar to body does (not exactly as it does – as SL doesn’t provide exact responding parameters). In fitted mesh you rig outfits to volume bones which are responsible for shape editing. It is an accidentally discovered system, it is not made exactly for purpose of fitting. There was 3rd party mesh deformer project to fit clothes, however, SL has abandoned the project last year as it apparently was causing latency problems.
      The main difference between Mesh and Fitted Mesh, Mesh items don’t respond to shape edit slider, Fitted Mesh items respond to shape edit slider.
      Both has advantages and disadvantages

  7. LA says:

    Hi Meli,

    I was reading above on how to edit the normals-map. Where it points to ‘you can add more details using normals map in Photosho here’, the page goes to 404 not found. Can you repost that link?

  8. Sweetie says:

    Hi Meli, I was wondering what exactly are Shadow Maps for?

  9. Pamella Easton says:

    Hello Meli
    I just love your stuff but I have a doubt about linking.
    I tried to add some buttons on that shirt long sleeves of you, linked the whole thing together but when I wear the shirt, the buttons go to other places and don’t move together. How should I proceed to make the buttons match and move perfectly with the shirt?
    Thank you for your attention

    • Meli Imako says:

      Hi Pamella,When you link an attachment, it has to be attached to the same bone where you attach your rigged mesh outfit. For example if you adjusted a button attached to the chest then rigged mesh has to be attached to the chest as well, vice-verse.

  10. erikbayn says:

    Hello Meli,
    I recently purchased a DAE file from your bubblesmore.com store and i used the DAE file on blender to modify a bit the itm using sculpt tools (adding muscles to the pants).
    But then when i upload the mesh item in SL it doesn’t fit anymore the avatar … the mesh is totaly distorded …

    Can you help me fixing that problem ?
    Thank you 🙂

    • Meli Imako says:

      You can’t modify rigged dae model directly and upload again especially if there are more than one bone influences on the same vertex. If you modify them they need to be re-rigged again without thickness. So to speak the dae files on bubbesmore are not really ideal for tweaking in a 3d software as it would require extensive 3d knowledge.

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