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Difference between Mesh and FitMesh garments?

– FitMesh clothes and accessories respond to body shape edit slider. Read more about FitMesh here:
– Mesh clothes and accessories do not respond to body edit slider. Read more about Mesh here

To view Mesh or FitMesh you need to download the latest viewer  or FitMesh compatible viewer.

How to wear:

– In your inventory select respective size of either Mesh “Product Name”  “Size” (e.g. Mesh_Ladies Crop Top S) or FitMesh Product Name Size (e.g. FitMesh_Ladies Crop Top). Right click and select “add”.
Tip: Body sizes are irrespective of their real life counter parts. They could be size1, size2 or size A, size B. So whichever size fits you is the correct size regardless of its name.
– Right click on the alpha layer you received in your purchase folder and select add.
– You may have to play with your shape size to fit perfect. Right click on your avatar and select “Edit My Shape”.  Play with sliders until the cloth fits perfect. If it is still not fitting try another size.
For bottom outwears usually knee angle creates problem, so you may need to adjust knee angle for some bottom wears and boots to fit best

What are the faces and how can I edit them?

Faces are texture faces where you can set texture attributes separately for each face. For example a prim cube has 6 faces; on edit window when you click on “select face” radio button then left click on any face of the cube you select that face. Once you select particular face you can change its color, texture coordinates, texture repeats, texture and texture attributes (shine, normals etc) separately. You can do the same thing with mesh items faces.
1- Right click on the mesh item and select edit (you may have to rez it on the ground)
2- On edit window click on texture tab and click on “select face” radio button
3- Left click on any part of the mesh defined as face (you can see the faces picture on my items advertisement page)
4- On edit window under texture tab  now you can change any texture attribute for that face (for example; click on color and choose any color this will change the color of only selected face part)

What are UV map and Shadow Maps (SM) for?

UV map and shadow map is used when you create your own texture.
UV map is the guide map to see where each point (vertice) falls on 2d texture of an 3d item.
Shadow map is used to give ambient shadow (dept) while creating your own textures
There will be more tutorials of how to use them here, however, simple you can use the as follows using Photoshop

1- Open Photoshop
2- Create a layer (this will be your texture layer)
3- Move Shadow map to another layer on top of your texture layer and set layer to “multiply”. You may later reduce the opacity to your final result liking.
4- Move UV on to a new layer (this will be the top most layer), press ctrl+i (to inverse) and set it to multiply, you may reduce the opacity to see the underlaid layers better.
5- Bring your fabric, texture on to your texture layer. You can paint it if you want. Place it using UV guides.
6- When you are happy with the texture layer; Play with shadow map layer opacity to your liking
7- Click on “eye icon” for UV layer to make it invisible and save it as png
8- Upload it to SL
9- Right click on mesh item and select edit and click on texture tab on edit window
10- Drag and drop your texture from your inventory to the texture box on edit window

What are normal maps for ?

Normal maps are used to give  details like emboss and engrave without using extra polygons.
You can add normals maps under texture tab on edit window, select texture drop down and select “bumpiness”
You can create normal maps using textures in Photoshop. Here is a tutorial of how

You need to have the latest viewer or competitive viewer and activate advance lighting under properties (press ctrl+p to got to properties) to see the effect. Effects can be seen best when there is no texture assigned to the mesh

What are the specular map for?

Specular maps are used to give different shine (or reflectivity) to different parts of mesh item. Its values can be only between white and black. White means full reflective, Black means matt.
You need to have the latest viewer or competitive viewer and activate advance lighting under properties (press ctrl+p to got to properties) to see the effect.

What is Convert Points box for?

GP points are points you can convert and use to buy more items on gpmypoints.com
To convert points rez the convert points box on the ground and touch. It will convert your points and direct you to your gpmypoints account. If you are not registered before it will create account automatically

How can I ask for custom work?

We do not do exclusive custom works, however, if you wish you can post your request on Meli Imako Facebook page . This will allow others to like it if they also want the same for themselves.
If there is enough interest it will be made and be put up on Marketplace Store for everybody.

Can I get this dress to be made for my shape?

If you have a specific shape you can avail Custom Tailoring Service here.

What shape are we using?

We are using these female settings when draping clothes and accessories. These are the optimum sizes to fit clothes best.
We use several different male shapes depending on the body type.

How can I make items show my name as creator?

Mesh items don’t work like sculpted items. There are no maps that you would assign and it would make you appear as creator. You buy models directly
There are two ways you can do to make mesh items show your name as creator:

1- Link the mesh item to an invisible prim (you must select the invisible prim as last object before linking)
2- Upload dae models directly to Second Life yourself. You can buy most of Meli Imako ready to upload dae models on duuzo.com (populating more every week, if you want a certain models daes on duuzo, IM me or send me notecard in SL I will add it to the list)

Terms and Conditions
Please read my terms and conditions here carefully before committing to resell Meli Imako items.

Any more questions

Please post here or contact me in SL

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