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Because a lot of people who don’t want to change their shapes and I receive a lot of request for tailoring my clothes to fit to individuals, I started a custom fitting service. Please note that it is trial and it may not work for every dress or shape. I will give it a go and cancel it if I can’t (time-wise or too much workload). My current plan is to make up to 5 every day. I will charge 2000 L$ for any custom fitting (This is very small price for the amount work and time goes into it). Guideline as follows:

РThe cloth of your request  for custom shape must be purchased first (as I wont be able to repack again)

– Please send me your shape with full permission. Name it CSF- “Your avatar name”. I will use this to download your shape to my computer to work on.

– Please send me a notecard name start with CSF-“Your avatar name” and include the cloth name and link. Along with your transaction history (2000L) and your avatar name.

– This service is only for fitting existing cloth and its rig. It does not involve any alterations or custom rigging.

– Existing UVs, rigs, textures or any other maps will still be valid.

– This may not work with every dress or every shape, in case it doesn’t work I will let you know and refund you.

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